Ingrid and Lori Visit Ranesaw

June 2011

Ingrid was bred to Murphy and returned to New Jersey after a brief visit.
Lori stayed at Ranesaw to eventually be bred to Murphy also. She returned to New Jersey at the end of November

The girls arrive at John Wayne Airport and take yet another ride!

Finally, out of the crates and a chance to WALK!

Now known as the "guest house," this is actually the puppy house and yard. It is off the back patio.

This is our temporary yard -- until we can be caught (hee, hee)

Open the gate so we can go into the grass yard!

At the far left is the fenced 1/2 acre exercise yard. It is used for lure practice.

This is the left paddock occupied in this photo by Murphy and Barii.

The middle paddock with Jammer in the photo.

The far right paddock.

This yard connects to the dog room in the house.